Optimization for Google Page Speed

We perform website optimization for Google Page Speed Insights.

Some time ago Google Speed service changed their requirements and most websites speed rating went down.

We perform optimization for the following points:

  • Images size optimization
  • Inregration of the lazy load for images with CS-Cart module Lazy Images
  • Integration of the lazy load for CSS styles
  • Decreasing of DOM elements amount for mobile devices using CS-Cart module Mobile Blocks Disabler
  • Installation and set up of the Redis caching server
  • Installation of PHP accellerator
  • Fonts optimization
  • Set up caching for including files such as images, scripts or CSS styles

Результаты оптимизации в значительной степени зависят от количества необходимой информации на страницах и количества изображений, а также подключаемых скриптов и возможностей сервера. В среднем оценка скорости по Google Speed увеличивается в три раза.

Optimization results depends on amount of necessary blocks and images on page, on amount of including extra files and server features. Usually, our optimization increases rating up to 3 times, but minimum 70 for mobile and 95 for PC

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