Which CMS choose for e-store?

by Stan Bro

"Engine" to create a site: which is better to choose?


How to choose CMS for an online store?

Every day, Internet commerce is gaining momentum, and almost every novice entrepreneur is faced with the question: "How to quickly disseminate information about goods or services among potential customers?" If you want to open your own online store, then you definitely can not do without a site. Having conceived a commercial project, many either exaggerate or downplay the paths and scale of its implementation. And you need to start by creating an intuitive, vibrant website that advertises products / services. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for this!

What is SMS?

The basis of any site is CMS (literal translation of the abbreviation Content Management System - content management system) - a computer program used to organize and support the process of creating, editing and managing content, in other words, the engine of your site. Due to the large selection of information systems that have free configuration systems, as well as ready-made templates, various additional modules, their integration with social networks, the opening of their own online store turns for many from a ghostly dream into an objective reality.

I see the goal, I see no obstacles - an analytical review of popular scripts for online stores

In order to correctly answer the question: “Which engine to choose?”, It is necessary to clearly understand what type of business you will be engaged in, as well as clearly understand its scope, indicating the target audience and calculating financial risks. You should also know that all CMS are divided into paid and free, and also have significant differences depending on the functions assigned to them. Which information platform to choose is up to you. Our goal is to familiarize you with the most popular paid and free scripts for online stores, as well as with the popular commercial CS-Cart system.

CS-Cart - a system that never fails, but quickly brings your site to the top of search engines

If you decide to open an online store on your own, without the help of programmers, then you should opt for the CS-Cart engine, which has all the necessary functionality.

The CS-Cart platform is:

  • convenient basket and the ability to quickly order or place an order after registration;
  • integration with 1C - data exchange is started automatically or manually, selection of goods for uploading to the site;
  • high speed of the online store site;
  • search engines bring sites created on CS-Cart to top positions two months after launch;
  • with the help of a clear and convenient admin panel, you can independently create additional categories, add pages, unload goods, etc .;
  • the presence of a special micro-marking format allows you to create a product card that is understandable for all search engines, which greatly increases the click-through rate of links;
  • technical support specialists at any time, day or night, without breaks and days off, will help to quickly solve your problems and answer all questions related to CS-Cart service;
  • To familiarize yourself with the operation of the engine, a series of step-by-step video tutorials has been developed, and there is also clear documentation on engine maintenance.

All this is far from an incomplete list of the “pluses” of the CS-Cart platform. For a more detailed acquaintance, go to the site and try installing the demo version.

CMS OpenCart: simple - does not mean convenient

One of the easiest to configure and use is the OpenCart system, which does not require special knowledge from users. It is enough to download CMS, configure, based on your needs, templates, load products and start accepting orders. However, despite the apparent simplicity, the system has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • A small range of free basic system features. In this regard, as a rule, there is a need to purchase additional - paid modules;
  • only manual updating of the old version of the engine, after which some of the standard templates stop working;
  • lack of hierarchy of templates necessary for the operation of each page of the site. Without templates, pages do not work;
  • difficulties in creating your own pages, for example, a contact form;
  • in order to install additional modules, you must copy and install files manually, and not using the admin panel;
  • minimum technical support for both paid and free add-ons;
  • if you like to analyze and delve into the statistics of your site, then the basic version of CMS OpenCart provides minimum reports. For a more detailed analysis, you have to buy additional modules.

PrestaShop engine: you have to pay for everything!

CMS PrestaShop, released in May 2007, already taught more than 1000 downloads in the first month and after two months was translated into 13 languages. To date, this software has been translated into 56 languages, in the admin panel there is the possibility of self-translation into other languages or modifications of the translation parameters. As a rule, this engine is used for large-scale projects with a high percentage of customization of functionality.

The main advantages of PrestaShop include:

  • diverse functionality already incorporated in the program;
  • high speed and unlimited scaling;
  • a large selection of templates for creating a site, taking into account the specifics of the online store.

Despite the undeniable advantages, PrestaShop has some disadvantages:

  • lack of documentation in Russian, which can cause difficulties at different stages of operation;
  • high cost of acquiring additional modules.

Platform 1C-Vitrix: sensibly assess the advantages and disadvantages

Paid CMS 1C-Vitrix is very popular in the Russian market, characterized by a diverse line of tariff plans.

Of the "advantages" of the system can be identified:

  • powerful modern functionality, periodic updates, troubleshooting;
  • the opportunity to take training courses;
  • high-quality and affordable documentation;
  • integration with 1C;
  • the presence of a marketplace with paid and free plugins.

Unfortunately, in addition to the “pluses”, 1C-Bitrix has “minuses”, which include:

  • you will need the help of an experienced programmer already at the start - the engine is not adapted for specific tasks, but is an industrial level system;
  • expensive hosting and high server requirements;
  • the high cost of licenses and updates, as well as the services of specialists serving the program;
  • creating and adapting your own templates, in this regard, you should not rely on quick profit;
  • work through the API-Bitrix database reduces the speed of the site, therefore this engine is not recommended for large-scale projects.

As you can see, each of the considered systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only CS-Cart platform has the optimal functionality and lack of problems, which we recommend installing!