SEO CS-Cart. Main pages. Images. Microdata

by Stan Bro

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of CEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning. Our cs cart seo optimization service can solve such issues.

14. Microdata "for noobs"

It is necessary to make microdata of bread crumbs according to the scheme

It is necessary to include microdata of contact data of the organization according to the scheme, as well as microdata of the logo according to the same scheme.

Microdata profiles in social networks should be done strictly according to the scheme

Microdevice reviews and ratings should have the form according to the scheme

In addition, we give a link to the implementation of the Open Graph protocol

15. Social networks

A peculiar cherry on the cake were, there are and will be buttons of social networks for likes and reposts. Of all the tips for promoting and optimizing sites and online stores - this is the most banal, but at the same time one of the most working ways to increase views of your content.

At last, it remains only to introduce buttons of subscriptions to groups / pages of social networks.

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All the best and success to you in all your endeavors.

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