SEO CS-Cart. Fundamentals of promotion. Texts. Maps. Multilanguage. 301.

by Stan Bro

4. CS-Cart SEO texts

For all pages on your site, you should be able to add text at the beginning and end of the page. Care must be taken to ensure that the texts do not repeat on the pages. This can happen when working with filters by category, when the same text is displayed on the category itself and on the page of this category with filters applied. This common error reduces the optimization of the online store to a threshold value due to the laziness or inattention of the developers themselves. Do not step on these popular rakes and, if possible, make sure that the text at the top of the page is located immediately after the title and exactly above the sorting block.

Note that the bottom selling SEO text should be located immediately after the pagination.

5. Sitemaps

Site maps (XML and HTML) should not contain links to pages that are not indexed. The service pages must be removed mercilessly from the site map, as well as in air navigation, to drop the unnecessary ballast in order to take off.

Site maps should contain links to all pages that require indexing, especially to pages with filter results. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the situation of a deceased warrior with a full ammunition in your bag.

You need to place a detailed XML-map of images. All the requirements for the card are described on this page: https: // ... - always read.

If there are video materials on the site, you need to create an XML video map in a similar way for quick and easy navigation by the user. Requirements are here: https: // ... - read carefully.

The robots.txt file must contain links to all XML site maps as follows:


6. Multilanguage

The more options, the higher the demand. The presence on the site switching between languages - a function that can tens of times increase the coverage and attendance of your online store. On sites that use multiple languages, you need to make sure that pages in different languages use different URLs.

The standard SEO module in CS-Cart allows you to optimize the online store by adding URLs to the value of the language through the slash (""). Our seo module cs cart has much more features than default one. This needs to be done in such a way that different language versions of the site are found on different domains. As a result, there will be only one administration panel and one engine, but two domains: The search engine will perceive them as two different resources. In CS-Cart, this is quite simple, however, you need to change the root files, but that's another story.

7. The four basic principles of setting up 301 redirects.

  • All pages without a slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with a slash on the end.
  • All pages with more than one slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with one slash on the end.
  • You need to do 301 redirects from to or vice versa.
  • If you use SSL on the site, it is important to make sure that the entire site is accessible through HTTPS, and on request via HTTP there was a redirect to HTTPS