SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. Robots. Links. Mobile

by Stan Bro

8. The robots.txt file

User-agent: *

Disallow: / app

Disallow: /store_closed.html

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *



9. Outbound or outbound links and HTTP headers

It is necessary to limit the use of external links as much as possible, explanations are superfluous.

If the external reference is important in meaning, then you need to add the rel = "nofollow" attribute to it and enclose it in tags:

    <!-- - noindex ---><a href="" rel="nofollow"> CS-Cart Russia </a><!-- - / noindex --->

First of all, each page is accessible for indexing, correctly gave the title Last-Modified, which indicates the last date of the page change. You can check the headers at will in one of these services.

Last-Modified: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 02:28:12 GMT

On a request with the If-Modified-Since header, the server must give the code 200. If the Date is Last-Modified is older than If-Modified-Since, the server should return a response code of 304.

The Cache-Control header should give max-age = 86400, must-revalidate for all pages. The must-revalidate function obliges the browser to check the freshness of the content by querying the server.

All pages of the site for effective cs cart seo optimization should give the value of the header Expires, as the present time + 24 hours.

10. Error pages and site load speed

404 page must contain the site search form. Enable the ability to track how the user has reached the 404 page. In the future, this is useful for adding a page with the right content.

If the server returns 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 507 and 510 errors, the client should see the separately created page where there are two links: "Back to Home" and "Refresh Page". At the moment when returning error data CS-Cart gives the store_closed.html page, i.e. you need to edit it.

Periodically test the site in Google Pagespeed Insights. The minimum necessary value for mobile devices and desktop is 80. Do not miss the opportunity to bring the site to the green zone.

11. Mobile-Friendly

The professional gets to know the little things, so make sure that the result of the Mobile-Friendly Test is not less than "Great! The page is optimized for mobile devices."

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of SEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning.

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