SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. General structure of the site.

by Stan Bro

Commandments of SEO-promotion, suggesting how to promote your online store - a fundamental checklist of productive site optimization.

If you still decided to "read the instructions" to promote the site after you "have extra parts left", we are ready to prompt (or remind) the basic cs cart seo optimization tips that can not be overlooked. We created a convenient checklist for SEO optimization of the site, satisfying the requirements of top SEO companies and for clarity, divided it into categories. If you do not find all the answers to the question on how to promote the online store on CS-Cart, remember, the list of promotions is always open for discussion and will be updated as new technologies and principles of site optimization arise. Leave the suggestions in the comments and follow the updates to always stay one step ahead. Our seo module cs cart solves a lot of seo issues.

General structure of the site

First of all, divide the online store into categories, and never save on subcategories, if necessary. This principle solves a number of common problems, creating a branch of individual pages for more accurate occurrences of key phrases, thereby increasing overall coverage. For example, we have a category: "Computer Mouse and Keyboard". The division of this category into "Computer Mice" and "Computer Keyboards" with the permission to index pages by the results of filtering will increase the number of views at least 1.5 times on both branches.

Optimization of the store directly depends on increasing the number of landing pages: The more we offer options, the higher the demand - on the principle of expanding the range of goods in the store. Users are able to find products of a particular manufacturer, or products with certain characteristics (for example, "wireless computer mice", "with backlighting", "USB 3.0", etc.). It will not be superfluous to allow indexing robots pages with more accurate indices, then you get the percentage of users who are looking for, for example, "computer mice up to 500 rubles."

Believe me, you do not overdo with the number of options offered, you can include anything you want there: Color, shape, product characteristics, distinctive features and bloat. It is important to remember that in spite of the fact that a large number of pages for exact inquiries have a positive effect on the indexing of the site, the same number of pages without a semantic load can negatively affect the optimization results - pay special attention to content that directly affects attendance.

To avoid dividing by categories into an infinite number and not falling into a singularity, hide from indexing the page with the results of filtering on three or more filters. This principle will streamline the search results and offer the user much more results, with additional options.

Another important tip for promoting the site, in which there are pages with similar or completely identical content: All you need to do is specify the canonical link in the html-page section that defines the main page as the main page for this page group. In this case, the main page should also have a link canonical, which points to the page itself:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />