SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. URL and internal links

by Stan Bro

2. Structure and correct URL format

When creating a page that will sell your product, take the time to create a simple and understandable URL. If this is problematic, for various reasons, in technical and technical ones, it is better to completely hide the page from indexing, without complicating your work by asking how to pick up a short URL.

All pages with the results of filtering by groups and categories, available for indexing, must necessarily have URLs understandable to ordinary users. Do not make people solve puzzles, and do cryptography, they will not appreciate it. Simpler means better.

Our cs cart seo module contains such filters feature. For Russian-language pages it is better to use transliteration, since it is more familiar to a modern user, or analogue of a Russian word, correctly translated into English, which requires special knowledge and a lot of time. Everything depends on what is more problematic: Transliteration is often simply unreadable, or similar to other Russian words; Direct translation into English, as a rule, is a direct reference to other brands and services in the English-language network. In order to choose a way to create a concise URL and save a single style throughout the site, there are a lot of services that are easy to find on Google. In order to learn how to make cs cart seo optimization of the site, squeezing the maximum power out of it - we read further.

Three "golden tips" for creating URLs: - The URL should not contain two dashes in a row at the beginning and end of the line.

- The URL should not contain any characters, except letters of the Latin alphabet and the "-" sign.

- The URL must contain only lowercase letters, only lower case, no uppercase register, OdymAge.

REMEMBER by changing the URL, you have to make 301 redirects from the old value to the new one. A large number of redirects on the site will have a bad effect on the overall evaluation of the site by search engines, try not to change the URL of the pages if possible.

3. Internal links and ways to optimize them

In order not to ruin the process of optimizing the online store at the root, it is necessary to initially hide the pages of the pagination "1, 2, 3, etc. from the page indexing." This applies even to those pages that contain a canonical on the main page. For a Yandex robot, for example, this is a strict rule. Do not be lazy on all pages of the pagination, starting with the second, add a meta tag: <meta name = "yandex" content = "noindex, follow" />

Do not forget about the basic properties of search engines that index duplicate pages. Close the index page (pages containing the parameter "? Sort_by =") to prevent their elimination. The robot, as a rule, considers that the page with the open sort parameter in the URL is a separate page and, according to the given algorithm, will put into the index two pages with almost identical contents. In CS-Cart for such situations the parameter "? Items_per_page =" is used, which allows to show only a certain number of elements on the page. It is also recommended to close similar pages with the meta tag with the noindex, nofollow parameter, and also add the prohibition on indexing to the robots.txt file:

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *