Graphic Design: main trends 2020

by Stan Bro

Graphic Design: main trends 2020

To Website Design looked stylish and attractive, Web developers and marketers use a variety of tools, helps to improve its quality and, accordingly, raise the level of sales. One of them is the active implementation in practice of the graphic elements design. About the most popular updates in 2020 - the article for you!

  • «Effect presence "in 3D-graphics

One of the most popular trends in 2020 a year is the use of 3D-graphics. The main "chip" of this modern technology is to compile a 3D photos, as well as two-dimensional objects. Use of the technique is in the most realistic and create a "presence effect".

  • Monochrome - single combination of light and color

Black and white image - a popular trend 2020. Monochrome - this fotokartinka with various objects illuminated by one light, e.g., blue, perceived as a single color composition. All items on it - in a single color scheme that looks unusual and always a genuine interest. the effect vote yourself!

  • «Metallic effect": harmony brilliant minimalist

Want upgrade the design of the site, using the steepest offers web marketers? Then be sure to use in the schedule of metallic materials, symbolizing luxury and good taste. Metallic effect tends to the style of minimalism, the main attributes which are simplicity and accuracy. This effect is achieved by harmonious combination of brilliant and matte surfaces. As you are such a reception?

  • Art Typography: Creative experiments are welcome!

Use such receiving means improving the perception of the image with the help of a beautiful colors, geometric shapes, or other unusual elements. In a special high esteem - maxi typography, the main rule is that message: "More thicker, harder. " To achieve the goal, all means are good, namely: the use of large fonts and labels, the division of words into multiple lines, Output characters beyond a single composition.

At the peak the popularity of the use of translucent elements of typography - nakradyvayuschiesya at each other, the words, "double typography" (second transparent copy or translucent elements words over compositions). Maxi-effect guaranteed!

  • «Mask, I know you!»

As primary attribute fotokartinki protrudes mask, which gives the composition a certain mystique and mystery. Acceptance of the use of masks in web design is not new, but in 2020 it began to be combined with a maxi-typography! unusual and original!

  • Contour outline

How to Attract the user's attention? There are many techniques used in graphic design. One of the most popular destinations is simplified animated style illustration. It is understandable to all, stylish and elegant. It attracts! Here is an example.

  • Drawing Lesson

One interesting trends in the development of graphic design is a drawing by hand, resembling a school pictures in the album. This method allows you to personalized feel and make a fun song. as originally look collages composed of several photographs or drawings. look like?

The beauty in simplicity

To to better convey information clearly and convey the meaning of the web composition in 2020 year will be used simplified illustration, excluding graphics clutter and excessive fussiness.

  • Isometric Art

Graphic isometrics - trending visual solution in 2020, which is an isometric illustration supplemented with new finds. The main purpose is isometric 3D-image of the object on a 2D-surface. This graphical technique is used in infographics, web design and creating presentations. distinctive feature isometric illustration 2020 in their realism and dynamism. Developers offer compositional solution - an exciting game 3D-graphics, from which it is impossible to look away. Discover the benefits!

  • «New - is well forgotten old»

This axiom We have adopted modern web designers. And it has paid off! In 2020 use of pictures, painted with ink, carry us in the 50s the last century. This creates a homepage vintage atmosphere its bribing penetration and sincerity. In the priority - earthy colors, shrouded in an aura of transience time and the ever-changing space. Immerse yourself in its atmosphere!

  • Unusual patterns and textures

One of the main areas of web design 2020 It is combinatorics. Admission essence consists in combining unusual and sometimes completely incongruous textures, or graphics, into a single harmonious composition. The process requires a creative approach and good taste, but the result is worth it! look on a stylish combination!

Geometry - trending !

Use basic geometric shapes - the basis of graphic design. "Chip-2020" - is graphic design, united idea of colors, shapes and sizes. its purpose - to convey to the client the basic idea of the composition, combining geometric order and color harmony. Beautiful, is not it?

We We presented only some of the main trends of graphic design 2020. Among directions: Typography and combinatorics, the use of 3D-graphics, vintage elements, outline drawings and other "chips". Look, analyze, choose. There is no single approach - there is constant development and improvement.