Abandoned carts syndrome

by Stan Bro

Syndrome "abandoned carts": an analysis of the causes and possible ways to address them

Online - trade is rapidly gaining momentum, and every one of us, for sure, shop the online store. In order to place your order on the site there is a special service - the so-called " Syndrome "abandoned carts", in which a potential buyer sends vending goods. However, very often, filling the "cart" does not complete the purchase. This situation is called "abandoned shopping cart". We will disclose the main reasons for this phenomenon and explain how to fix them. It is worth noting that there are problems, both from the customer and the seller. About them we will tell.

Client: "This product in the" cart ": you can not forget to buy"

By accessing the website of an online store, as a rule, pursue certain goals, the most important of which is the acquisition of a product. But sometimes the selected item does not fall in the hands of the buyer, and the remains thrown into the "cart". Why is this happening and how to help the client to complete the purchase?

Fear of unfavorable purchase.

Before you place an order, the user sends the goods in the "cart" and postpone the final decision on the completion of the transaction at a time. After that, the buyer is looking for a similar product on other websites and compares prices. This behavior is explained very simply: the buyer is afraid to buy the product, overpaying for it.

Decision. To the buyer has completed the purchase of and not left empty-handed, it is necessary to talk about the benefits of the acquisition of goods is in your store. For this purpose, a special "pop-ups" can offer him a certain discount, free shipping, or participation in the loyalty program. If the customer sees that he needs to share items in two days, it will motivate him to complete the purchase.


Very often, once in the online store, the customer is literally dazzled by a large number of goods. And he begins to fill the "cart" is literally all that he loved in hopes soon to return and complete your purchase.

Decision.For owners of online stores right decision is the availability of online wishlist, with which you can analyze the composition of the audience, immediately separating the real buyers from curious and casual visitors.

Goods, deferred "for later".

"cart" - a very convenient service for a final decision on whether to purchase a particular commodity. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the delivery method, add or delete an item, calculate the final cost of the order. If a potential buyer has filled "cart" of goods, for example, during a trip in transport, then came home, he returns to the site an online store and complete the purchase.

Decision. To the visitor of online store has become a real buyer, you need to encourage him to take a positive decision. User help keep certain functionality - additional modules are located on the site, namely: pop-up notifications about the possibility to send messages viewed items by e-mail. Platform CS-Cart offers, for example, a special module "Abandoned cart reminder."

Those customers who have forgotten items in the "cart" can be returned by a trigger mailings and other chips e-mail-marketing.

Doubts about the reliability and safety of the purchase or financial transaction.

Sometimes customers online stores there are doubts in the safety and reliability of the financial transaction, especially if delivery is prepaid.

Decision.In order to increase the confidence of customers to the online store you need to use different forms of social evidence. To convince potential buyers in the reliability of your company:

  • expose online real customer reviews;
  • let's links to social networks;
  • publishes analytical reviews;
  • demonstrates the quality of certificates, diplomas;
  • specify their precise contacts.

Sometimes buyers are afraid to leave the site an online store your username and password, bank card number, phone number and address. To do this, you must protect confidential client information by going to a secure https protocol. This will enable to encrypt the data sent from the customer to the server and back.

The owner of an online store, "What is wrong with my internet business?"

The fact that customers do not complete the purchase and leave the goods in the "cart" is sometimes to blame the shopkeepers.

The procedure for registering on the site.

The main thing is that the buyer appreciates in online shopping is its convenience. And in order to make a single purchase in the online store, do not want to register online. Especially, if this procedure is fraught with many challenges, such as filling many fields. Most likely, the potential buyer does not want to waste my time and go away from the site.

Decision.To the client has completed the purchase, you must:

  • give him the opportunity to place an order through social networks or in one click;
  • Under Appearance, leave a minimum of fields to fill in;
  • If delivery needs index, set targeted tips (many do not know or forget your zip code).

Cliff-Virtue, want to confuse - the presence of hidden costs

and low price for many goods in the online store also attracts customers. However, potential buyers can sometimes scare and not let the opportunity to complete the purchase of various wrapping often used shopkeepers. For example, tempted by the low price, the user promptly inserted in the "cart" of many goods, and started ordering. And it turns out that for the said online price is added to the bank's commission, the cost of packaging and delivery, VAT. This scheme causes irritation and a desire not to complete the purchase, and complete communication with data store.

Decision.Integrity and honesty - the main characteristics of the buyer and seller communication. The site must be specified current price, which includes all of the hidden cheat. Or you need to say about them at once, instead of offering free shipping or a discount on your next purchase.

Buyer anything is unclear.

Make a purchase in the online store should be quick and easy. Sometimes, however, users have many questions, for example, it is not clear where to click to send the goods in the "cart" or how to pay for goods via internet banking.

Decision. Development site intertnet stores and their owners must take into account varying degrees of computer literacy of their potential customers. This will require:

  • easier navigation on the site - to conduct a usability audit;
  • increase the speed of the site, eliminating the causes hindering the loading of content;
  • develop an accurate and intuitive algorithm for ordering: to develop step by step instructions;
  • adapt the online store website for any device.

Site Design: unbreakable 'chain of goods - "cart" - the purchase of "

The main purpose of the website online store - lead the buyer to find a logical conclusion and execution of purchase. client sometimes distracts excessive fussiness site and the presence of unnecessary information. This may cause him to leave the goods in the "cart", and did not complete the action.

Decision.Do not overload the site superfluous information and unnecessary advertising. Also detracts from the purchase of a large number of links and buttons - all it takes the client from the page, leaving the "abandoned shopping cart".

Contact! Contact!

Making a purchase at an online store, the buyer should always be sure that the owners will answer all your questions and solve the problems at any time convenient for him. Therefore, confidence is more than one store, the site which lists all his contact details.

Decision.In order for the client to you was filled with confidence and did not give up the "cart" is always placed on the site possible means of communication. If you do not have online chat, you should indicate that you contact the buyer within, for example, 24 hours convenient way. Alternatively, you can post answers to the most common questions - a link to the FAQs, which should be clearly visible not only to the home page, but also from the "cart".

E-mail-marketing: a reliable tool for the development of e-commerce

All the buyers as sellers, are different and the only correct decision to eliminate the syndrome of "abandoned cart", unfortunately, does not exist. However, there are mechanisms that help retailers significantly increase your sales and minimize risks. One of the most effective ways to eliminate "an abandoned cart" is an e-mail-marketing. Among his "chips" single out only a few that actually work and can help the buyer to complete the purchase:

  • a reminder by e-mail about the product, forgotten in the "cart";
  • proposal on personal promotions and bonuses for goods left in the "cart";
  • CMS-use modules for a connection online store with services GetResponse, UniSender.

To the buyer made the right decision and not leave the chosen goods in the "cart", you need to match a number of factors, including, and not depend on business owners (site design and marketing strategy). In many cases, basic knowledge of psychology of Internet communications helps keep the buyer, which greatly affects the increase in the conversion of your store.