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by Stan Bro

IKEA expands trading horizons

by Stan Bro

IKEA expands trading horizons: access to Tmall

The sensational news in mid-March 2020 was the announcement of the owners of the production and trading group of IKEA companies about the start of sales of their products on the Tmall trading platform - a marketplace owned by Aliexpress. For almost eighty years of history, the world-famous company selling furniture and household goods will work through a third party.

There are two reasons for this step by IKEA owners:

1) the search for new distribution channels and a significant expansion of e-commerce. Marketers believe that the Chinese Tmall will be a good complement to real sales, which will significantly increase profits. China, in this case, is seen as a key market for revenue growth: buyers in this country are focused on the acquisition of multi-brand products.

Head of IKEA retail chain Reuters Tolga Onku remarked: “Access to Tmall is one of the opportunities to become closer and more accessible for Chinese buyers who are very active in online shopping.” The IKEA brand will offer about 3,800 of its products (out of 9,500) at Tmall. In addition, as an additional service, the delivery and assembly of furniture is offered.

The president of Tmall and Taobao at the Alibaba Group also commented on the news: "Chinese customers love IKEA products for their quality and cool design!"

2) the rapid spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, due to which IKEA closed all 30 stores in China in January 2020.

This situation stimulates not only buyers, but also sellers to actively switch to online trading. Most people are afraid to go out, and spend more time at home.

Brand owners hope the experience is successful. However, IKEA do not plan to enter the marketplaces of other countries. Abrahamsson Ring, head of the franchising department and assistant to the founder of IKEA, said: “We take into account the specific conditions of each country and do not consider the use of their marketplaces as the main sales channel.”

Today, when quarantine activities are on the decline, IKEA resumes the opening of its outlets in China.

Graphic Design: main trends 2020

by Stan Bro

Graphic Design: main trends 2020

To Website Design looked stylish and attractive, Web developers and marketers use a variety of tools, helps to improve its quality and, accordingly, raise the level of sales. One of them is the active implementation in practice of the graphic elements design. About the most popular updates in 2020 - the article for you!

  • «Effect presence "in 3D-graphics

One of the most popular trends in 2020 a year is the use of 3D-graphics. The main "chip" of this modern technology is to compile a 3D photos, as well as two-dimensional objects. Use of the technique is in the most realistic and create a "presence effect".

  • Monochrome - single combination of light and color

Black and white image - a popular trend 2020. Monochrome - this fotokartinka with various objects illuminated by one light, e.g., blue, perceived as a single color composition. All items on it - in a single color scheme that looks unusual and always a genuine interest. the effect vote yourself!

  • «Metallic effect": harmony brilliant minimalist

Want upgrade the design of the site, using the steepest offers web marketers? Then be sure to use in the schedule of metallic materials, symbolizing luxury and good taste. Metallic effect tends to the style of minimalism, the main attributes which are simplicity and accuracy. This effect is achieved by harmonious combination of brilliant and matte surfaces. As you are such a reception?

  • Art Typography: Creative experiments are welcome!

Use such receiving means improving the perception of the image with the help of a beautiful colors, geometric shapes, or other unusual elements. In a special high esteem - maxi typography, the main rule is that message: "More thicker, harder. " To achieve the goal, all means are good, namely: the use of large fonts and labels, the division of words into multiple lines, Output characters beyond a single composition.

At the peak the popularity of the use of translucent elements of typography - nakradyvayuschiesya at each other, the words, "double typography" (second transparent copy or translucent elements words over compositions). Maxi-effect guaranteed!

  • «Mask, I know you!»

As primary attribute fotokartinki protrudes mask, which gives the composition a certain mystique and mystery. Acceptance of the use of masks in web design is not new, but in 2020 it began to be combined with a maxi-typography! unusual and original!

  • Contour outline

How to Attract the user's attention? There are many techniques used in graphic design. One of the most popular destinations is simplified animated style illustration. It is understandable to all, stylish and elegant. It attracts! Here is an example.

  • Drawing Lesson

One interesting trends in the development of graphic design is a drawing by hand, resembling a school pictures in the album. This method allows you to personalized feel and make a fun song. as originally look collages composed of several photographs or drawings. look like?

The beauty in simplicity

To to better convey information clearly and convey the meaning of the web composition in 2020 year will be used simplified illustration, excluding graphics clutter and excessive fussiness.

  • Isometric Art

Graphic isometrics - trending visual solution in 2020, which is an isometric illustration supplemented with new finds. The main purpose is isometric 3D-image of the object on a 2D-surface. This graphical technique is used in infographics, web design and creating presentations. distinctive feature isometric illustration 2020 in their realism and dynamism. Developers offer compositional solution - an exciting game 3D-graphics, from which it is impossible to look away. Discover the benefits!

  • «New - is well forgotten old»

This axiom We have adopted modern web designers. And it has paid off! In 2020 use of pictures, painted with ink, carry us in the 50s the last century. This creates a homepage vintage atmosphere its bribing penetration and sincerity. In the priority - earthy colors, shrouded in an aura of transience time and the ever-changing space. Immerse yourself in its atmosphere!

  • Unusual patterns and textures

One of the main areas of web design 2020 It is combinatorics. Admission essence consists in combining unusual and sometimes completely incongruous textures, or graphics, into a single harmonious composition. The process requires a creative approach and good taste, but the result is worth it! look on a stylish combination!

Geometry - trending !

Use basic geometric shapes - the basis of graphic design. "Chip-2020" - is graphic design, united idea of colors, shapes and sizes. its purpose - to convey to the client the basic idea of the composition, combining geometric order and color harmony. Beautiful, is not it?

We We presented only some of the main trends of graphic design 2020. Among directions: Typography and combinatorics, the use of 3D-graphics, vintage elements, outline drawings and other "chips". Look, analyze, choose. There is no single approach - there is constant development and improvement.

Abandoned carts syndrome

by Stan Bro

Syndrome "abandoned carts": an analysis of the causes and possible ways to address them

Online - trade is rapidly gaining momentum, and every one of us, for sure, shop the online store. In order to place your order on the site there is a special service - the so-called " Syndrome "abandoned carts", in which a potential buyer sends vending goods. However, very often, filling the "cart" does not complete the purchase. This situation is called "abandoned shopping cart". We will disclose the main reasons for this phenomenon and explain how to fix them. It is worth noting that there are problems, both from the customer and the seller. About them we will tell.

Client: "This product in the" cart ": you can not forget to buy"

By accessing the website of an online store, as a rule, pursue certain goals, the most important of which is the acquisition of a product. But sometimes the selected item does not fall in the hands of the buyer, and the remains thrown into the "cart". Why is this happening and how to help the client to complete the purchase?

Fear of unfavorable purchase.

Before you place an order, the user sends the goods in the "cart" and postpone the final decision on the completion of the transaction at a time. After that, the buyer is looking for a similar product on other websites and compares prices. This behavior is explained very simply: the buyer is afraid to buy the product, overpaying for it.

Decision. To the buyer has completed the purchase of and not left empty-handed, it is necessary to talk about the benefits of the acquisition of goods is in your store. For this purpose, a special "pop-ups" can offer him a certain discount, free shipping, or participation in the loyalty program. If the customer sees that he needs to share items in two days, it will motivate him to complete the purchase.


Very often, once in the online store, the customer is literally dazzled by a large number of goods. And he begins to fill the "cart" is literally all that he loved in hopes soon to return and complete your purchase.

Decision.For owners of online stores right decision is the availability of online wishlist, with which you can analyze the composition of the audience, immediately separating the real buyers from curious and casual visitors.

Goods, deferred "for later".

"cart" - a very convenient service for a final decision on whether to purchase a particular commodity. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the delivery method, add or delete an item, calculate the final cost of the order. If a potential buyer has filled "cart" of goods, for example, during a trip in transport, then came home, he returns to the site an online store and complete the purchase.

Decision. To the visitor of online store has become a real buyer, you need to encourage him to take a positive decision. User help keep certain functionality - additional modules are located on the site, namely: pop-up notifications about the possibility to send messages viewed items by e-mail. Platform CS-Cart offers, for example, a special module "Abandoned cart reminder."

Those customers who have forgotten items in the "cart" can be returned by a trigger mailings and other chips e-mail-marketing.

Doubts about the reliability and safety of the purchase or financial transaction.

Sometimes customers online stores there are doubts in the safety and reliability of the financial transaction, especially if delivery is prepaid.

Decision.In order to increase the confidence of customers to the online store you need to use different forms of social evidence. To convince potential buyers in the reliability of your company:

  • expose online real customer reviews;
  • let's links to social networks;
  • publishes analytical reviews;
  • demonstrates the quality of certificates, diplomas;
  • specify their precise contacts.

Sometimes buyers are afraid to leave the site an online store your username and password, bank card number, phone number and address. To do this, you must protect confidential client information by going to a secure https protocol. This will enable to encrypt the data sent from the customer to the server and back.

The owner of an online store, "What is wrong with my internet business?"

The fact that customers do not complete the purchase and leave the goods in the "cart" is sometimes to blame the shopkeepers.

The procedure for registering on the site.

The main thing is that the buyer appreciates in online shopping is its convenience. And in order to make a single purchase in the online store, do not want to register online. Especially, if this procedure is fraught with many challenges, such as filling many fields. Most likely, the potential buyer does not want to waste my time and go away from the site.

Decision.To the client has completed the purchase, you must:

  • give him the opportunity to place an order through social networks or in one click;
  • Under Appearance, leave a minimum of fields to fill in;
  • If delivery needs index, set targeted tips (many do not know or forget your zip code).

Cliff-Virtue, want to confuse - the presence of hidden costs

and low price for many goods in the online store also attracts customers. However, potential buyers can sometimes scare and not let the opportunity to complete the purchase of various wrapping often used shopkeepers. For example, tempted by the low price, the user promptly inserted in the "cart" of many goods, and started ordering. And it turns out that for the said online price is added to the bank's commission, the cost of packaging and delivery, VAT. This scheme causes irritation and a desire not to complete the purchase, and complete communication with data store.

Decision.Integrity and honesty - the main characteristics of the buyer and seller communication. The site must be specified current price, which includes all of the hidden cheat. Or you need to say about them at once, instead of offering free shipping or a discount on your next purchase.

Buyer anything is unclear.

Make a purchase in the online store should be quick and easy. Sometimes, however, users have many questions, for example, it is not clear where to click to send the goods in the "cart" or how to pay for goods via internet banking.

Decision. Development site intertnet stores and their owners must take into account varying degrees of computer literacy of their potential customers. This will require:

  • easier navigation on the site - to conduct a usability audit;
  • increase the speed of the site, eliminating the causes hindering the loading of content;
  • develop an accurate and intuitive algorithm for ordering: to develop step by step instructions;
  • adapt the online store website for any device.

Site Design: unbreakable 'chain of goods - "cart" - the purchase of "

The main purpose of the website online store - lead the buyer to find a logical conclusion and execution of purchase. client sometimes distracts excessive fussiness site and the presence of unnecessary information. This may cause him to leave the goods in the "cart", and did not complete the action.

Decision.Do not overload the site superfluous information and unnecessary advertising. Also detracts from the purchase of a large number of links and buttons - all it takes the client from the page, leaving the "abandoned shopping cart".

Contact! Contact!

Making a purchase at an online store, the buyer should always be sure that the owners will answer all your questions and solve the problems at any time convenient for him. Therefore, confidence is more than one store, the site which lists all his contact details.

Decision.In order for the client to you was filled with confidence and did not give up the "cart" is always placed on the site possible means of communication. If you do not have online chat, you should indicate that you contact the buyer within, for example, 24 hours convenient way. Alternatively, you can post answers to the most common questions - a link to the FAQs, which should be clearly visible not only to the home page, but also from the "cart".

E-mail-marketing: a reliable tool for the development of e-commerce

All the buyers as sellers, are different and the only correct decision to eliminate the syndrome of "abandoned cart", unfortunately, does not exist. However, there are mechanisms that help retailers significantly increase your sales and minimize risks. One of the most effective ways to eliminate "an abandoned cart" is an e-mail-marketing. Among his "chips" single out only a few that actually work and can help the buyer to complete the purchase:

  • a reminder by e-mail about the product, forgotten in the "cart";
  • proposal on personal promotions and bonuses for goods left in the "cart";
  • CMS-use modules for a connection online store with services GetResponse, UniSender.

To the buyer made the right decision and not leave the chosen goods in the "cart", you need to match a number of factors, including, and not depend on business owners (site design and marketing strategy). In many cases, basic knowledge of psychology of Internet communications helps keep the buyer, which greatly affects the increase in the conversion of your store.

Which CMS choose for e-store?

by Stan Bro

"Engine" to create a site: which is better to choose?


How to choose CMS for an online store?

Every day, Internet commerce is gaining momentum, and almost every novice entrepreneur is faced with the question: "How to quickly disseminate information about goods or services among potential customers?" If you want to open your own online store, then you definitely can not do without a site. Having conceived a commercial project, many either exaggerate or downplay the paths and scale of its implementation. And you need to start by creating an intuitive, vibrant website that advertises products / services. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for this!

What is SMS?

The basis of any site is CMS (literal translation of the abbreviation Content Management System - content management system) - a computer program used to organize and support the process of creating, editing and managing content, in other words, the engine of your site. Due to the large selection of information systems that have free configuration systems, as well as ready-made templates, various additional modules, their integration with social networks, the opening of their own online store turns for many from a ghostly dream into an objective reality.

I see the goal, I see no obstacles - an analytical review of popular scripts for online stores

In order to correctly answer the question: “Which engine to choose?”, It is necessary to clearly understand what type of business you will be engaged in, as well as clearly understand its scope, indicating the target audience and calculating financial risks. You should also know that all CMS are divided into paid and free, and also have significant differences depending on the functions assigned to them. Which information platform to choose is up to you. Our goal is to familiarize you with the most popular paid and free scripts for online stores, as well as with the popular commercial CS-Cart system.

CS-Cart - a system that never fails, but quickly brings your site to the top of search engines

If you decide to open an online store on your own, without the help of programmers, then you should opt for the CS-Cart engine, which has all the necessary functionality.

The CS-Cart platform is:

  • convenient basket and the ability to quickly order or place an order after registration;
  • integration with 1C - data exchange is started automatically or manually, selection of goods for uploading to the site;
  • high speed of the online store site;
  • search engines bring sites created on CS-Cart to top positions two months after launch;
  • with the help of a clear and convenient admin panel, you can independently create additional categories, add pages, unload goods, etc .;
  • the presence of a special micro-marking format allows you to create a product card that is understandable for all search engines, which greatly increases the click-through rate of links;
  • technical support specialists at any time, day or night, without breaks and days off, will help to quickly solve your problems and answer all questions related to CS-Cart service;
  • To familiarize yourself with the operation of the engine, a series of step-by-step video tutorials has been developed, and there is also clear documentation on engine maintenance.

All this is far from an incomplete list of the “pluses” of the CS-Cart platform. For a more detailed acquaintance, go to the site and try installing the demo version.

CMS OpenCart: simple - does not mean convenient

One of the easiest to configure and use is the OpenCart system, which does not require special knowledge from users. It is enough to download CMS, configure, based on your needs, templates, load products and start accepting orders. However, despite the apparent simplicity, the system has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • A small range of free basic system features. In this regard, as a rule, there is a need to purchase additional - paid modules;
  • only manual updating of the old version of the engine, after which some of the standard templates stop working;
  • lack of hierarchy of templates necessary for the operation of each page of the site. Without templates, pages do not work;
  • difficulties in creating your own pages, for example, a contact form;
  • in order to install additional modules, you must copy and install files manually, and not using the admin panel;
  • minimum technical support for both paid and free add-ons;
  • if you like to analyze and delve into the statistics of your site, then the basic version of CMS OpenCart provides minimum reports. For a more detailed analysis, you have to buy additional modules.

PrestaShop engine: you have to pay for everything!

CMS PrestaShop, released in May 2007, already taught more than 1000 downloads in the first month and after two months was translated into 13 languages. To date, this software has been translated into 56 languages, in the admin panel there is the possibility of self-translation into other languages or modifications of the translation parameters. As a rule, this engine is used for large-scale projects with a high percentage of customization of functionality.

The main advantages of PrestaShop include:

  • diverse functionality already incorporated in the program;
  • high speed and unlimited scaling;
  • a large selection of templates for creating a site, taking into account the specifics of the online store.

Despite the undeniable advantages, PrestaShop has some disadvantages:

  • lack of documentation in Russian, which can cause difficulties at different stages of operation;
  • high cost of acquiring additional modules.

Platform 1C-Vitrix: sensibly assess the advantages and disadvantages

Paid CMS 1C-Vitrix is very popular in the Russian market, characterized by a diverse line of tariff plans.

Of the "advantages" of the system can be identified:

  • powerful modern functionality, periodic updates, troubleshooting;
  • the opportunity to take training courses;
  • high-quality and affordable documentation;
  • integration with 1C;
  • the presence of a marketplace with paid and free plugins.

Unfortunately, in addition to the “pluses”, 1C-Bitrix has “minuses”, which include:

  • you will need the help of an experienced programmer already at the start - the engine is not adapted for specific tasks, but is an industrial level system;
  • expensive hosting and high server requirements;
  • the high cost of licenses and updates, as well as the services of specialists serving the program;
  • creating and adapting your own templates, in this regard, you should not rely on quick profit;
  • work through the API-Bitrix database reduces the speed of the site, therefore this engine is not recommended for large-scale projects.

As you can see, each of the considered systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only CS-Cart platform has the optimal functionality and lack of problems, which we recommend installing!

Dropshipping - the main tool of ecommerce

by Stan Bro

Every day the number of online purchases and sales increases exponentially and this is very easy to explain. To sell goods, the owner of a traditional store needs to have a staff of sellers, storage facilities, and trading equipment. To arrange delivery to the store, you need a driver (and a car) or well-established logistic relations with the supplier. All this creates difficulties for both store owners and managers of trading enterprises, as well as customers. Online commerce is devoid of all these problems.

Dropshipping (translated from English as “direct deliveries”) is a method of managing trade flows coordinated by an intermediary seller (dropshipper) without intermediate storage of goods in its warehouse: the goods are shipped from the enterprise directly to the buyer immediately after receiving the order. For the organization of dropshipping there is no need to invest huge sums of money in arranging a retail outlet and maintaining the staff of maintenance personnel, it is enough to create an online store, the face of which will be its website.

How does the dropshipping system work?

Modern manufacturers of goods - enterprises and firms today are not engaged in retail sales. This function is taken over by their dropshipping partners, who carry out product promotion through marketing and receiving orders from customers. The intermediary-seller transfers all information about orders to the manufacturer of the goods, which transmits to the buyer. The profit of the dropshipper is obvious - it is formed due to the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the goods. You can order an online dropshipping store from us.

Dropshipping benefits for reseller

  • for the organization of dropshipping business there is no need to maintain additional staff, rent premises and purchase retail equipment. To do this, just create a website - a business card, a "showcase" of an online store;
  • the complete absence of financial risks - you do not produce, purchase or send goods to customers. The manufacturer is engaged in this;
  • independently set the retail price of the goods;
  • Form your own base of suppliers and customers.

The advantages of dropshipping for a manufacturer of goods

  • lack of advertising costs and search for potential buyers;
  • all communications with the buyer are carried out by an intermediary, the manufacturer only packs and sends the goods.

Dropshipping for buyers: always a direct benefit

  • there is no need to travel around the city in search of the necessary goods, just go to the website of the online store and choose what you need;
  • lack of transport costs for delivery of goods - they will bring him directly to the apartment;
  • the ability to return or exchange within the agreed period.

Cons of Dropshipping: Pitfalls

Despite the undeniable advantages, it should be said about the minuses of dropshipping trade flow management:

  • unscrupulous suppliers: that is why you should start an online business only with reliable partners;
  • Dropshipper is responsible for defective merchandise and delivery problems. It must be possible to reimburse funds to the buyer and return the marriage to the manufacturer;
  • dynamic site: its constant updating, replenishment with new goods and exclusion of already sold positions.

Today, many online stores operate according to the dropshipping system: there are special sites and catalogs that host all the necessary information about goods and suppliers. Still thinking about creating an online store? Get started now: dropshipping is a promising and profitable business!

SEO CS-Cart. Main pages. Images. Microdata

by Stan Bro

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of CEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning. Our cs cart seo optimization service can solve such issues.

14. Microdata "for noobs"

It is necessary to make microdata of bread crumbs according to the scheme

It is necessary to include microdata of contact data of the organization according to the scheme, as well as microdata of the logo according to the same scheme.

Microdata profiles in social networks should be done strictly according to the scheme

Microdevice reviews and ratings should have the form according to the scheme

In addition, we give a link to the implementation of the Open Graph protocol

15. Social networks

A peculiar cherry on the cake were, there are and will be buttons of social networks for likes and reposts. Of all the tips for promoting and optimizing sites and online stores - this is the most banal, but at the same time one of the most working ways to increase views of your content.

At last, it remains only to introduce buttons of subscriptions to groups / pages of social networks.

Here you can see ready-made solutions made by professionals -

All the best and success to you in all your endeavors.

Our seo module cs cart has all features from all SEO articles so you can save much time for optimization with it.

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. Robots. Links. Mobile

by Stan Bro

8. The robots.txt file

User-agent: *

Disallow: / app

Disallow: /store_closed.html

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *



9. Outbound or outbound links and HTTP headers

It is necessary to limit the use of external links as much as possible, explanations are superfluous.

If the external reference is important in meaning, then you need to add the rel = "nofollow" attribute to it and enclose it in tags:

    <!-- - noindex ---><a href="" rel="nofollow"> CS-Cart Russia </a><!-- - / noindex --->

First of all, each page is accessible for indexing, correctly gave the title Last-Modified, which indicates the last date of the page change. You can check the headers at will in one of these services.

Last-Modified: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 02:28:12 GMT

On a request with the If-Modified-Since header, the server must give the code 200. If the Date is Last-Modified is older than If-Modified-Since, the server should return a response code of 304.

The Cache-Control header should give max-age = 86400, must-revalidate for all pages. The must-revalidate function obliges the browser to check the freshness of the content by querying the server.

All pages of the site for effective cs cart seo optimization should give the value of the header Expires, as the present time + 24 hours.

10. Error pages and site load speed

404 page must contain the site search form. Enable the ability to track how the user has reached the 404 page. In the future, this is useful for adding a page with the right content.

If the server returns 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 507 and 510 errors, the client should see the separately created page where there are two links: "Back to Home" and "Refresh Page". At the moment when returning error data CS-Cart gives the store_closed.html page, i.e. you need to edit it.

Periodically test the site in Google Pagespeed Insights. The minimum necessary value for mobile devices and desktop is 80. Do not miss the opportunity to bring the site to the green zone.

11. Mobile-Friendly

The professional gets to know the little things, so make sure that the result of the Mobile-Friendly Test is not less than "Great! The page is optimized for mobile devices."

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of SEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning.

Our seo module cs cart can solve all these issues.

SEO CS-Cart. Fundamentals of promotion. Texts. Maps. Multilanguage. 301.

by Stan Bro

4. CS-Cart SEO texts

For all pages on your site, you should be able to add text at the beginning and end of the page. Care must be taken to ensure that the texts do not repeat on the pages. This can happen when working with filters by category, when the same text is displayed on the category itself and on the page of this category with filters applied. This common error reduces the optimization of the online store to a threshold value due to the laziness or inattention of the developers themselves. Do not step on these popular rakes and, if possible, make sure that the text at the top of the page is located immediately after the title and exactly above the sorting block.

Note that the bottom selling SEO text should be located immediately after the pagination.

5. Sitemaps

Site maps (XML and HTML) should not contain links to pages that are not indexed. The service pages must be removed mercilessly from the site map, as well as in air navigation, to drop the unnecessary ballast in order to take off.

Site maps should contain links to all pages that require indexing, especially to pages with filter results. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the situation of a deceased warrior with a full ammunition in your bag.

You need to place a detailed XML-map of images. All the requirements for the card are described on this page: https: // ... - always read.

If there are video materials on the site, you need to create an XML video map in a similar way for quick and easy navigation by the user. Requirements are here: https: // ... - read carefully.

The robots.txt file must contain links to all XML site maps as follows:


6. Multilanguage

The more options, the higher the demand. The presence on the site switching between languages - a function that can tens of times increase the coverage and attendance of your online store. On sites that use multiple languages, you need to make sure that pages in different languages use different URLs.

The standard SEO module in CS-Cart allows you to optimize the online store by adding URLs to the value of the language through the slash (""). Our seo module cs cart has much more features than default one. This needs to be done in such a way that different language versions of the site are found on different domains. As a result, there will be only one administration panel and one engine, but two domains: The search engine will perceive them as two different resources. In CS-Cart, this is quite simple, however, you need to change the root files, but that's another story.

7. The four basic principles of setting up 301 redirects.

  • All pages without a slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with a slash on the end.
  • All pages with more than one slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with one slash on the end.
  • You need to do 301 redirects from to or vice versa.
  • If you use SSL on the site, it is important to make sure that the entire site is accessible through HTTPS, and on request via HTTP there was a redirect to HTTPS

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. URL and internal links

by Stan Bro

2. Structure and correct URL format

When creating a page that will sell your product, take the time to create a simple and understandable URL. If this is problematic, for various reasons, in technical and technical ones, it is better to completely hide the page from indexing, without complicating your work by asking how to pick up a short URL.

All pages with the results of filtering by groups and categories, available for indexing, must necessarily have URLs understandable to ordinary users. Do not make people solve puzzles, and do cryptography, they will not appreciate it. Simpler means better.

Our cs cart seo module contains such filters feature. For Russian-language pages it is better to use transliteration, since it is more familiar to a modern user, or analogue of a Russian word, correctly translated into English, which requires special knowledge and a lot of time. Everything depends on what is more problematic: Transliteration is often simply unreadable, or similar to other Russian words; Direct translation into English, as a rule, is a direct reference to other brands and services in the English-language network. In order to choose a way to create a concise URL and save a single style throughout the site, there are a lot of services that are easy to find on Google. In order to learn how to make cs cart seo optimization of the site, squeezing the maximum power out of it - we read further.

Three "golden tips" for creating URLs: - The URL should not contain two dashes in a row at the beginning and end of the line.

- The URL should not contain any characters, except letters of the Latin alphabet and the "-" sign.

- The URL must contain only lowercase letters, only lower case, no uppercase register, OdymAge.

REMEMBER by changing the URL, you have to make 301 redirects from the old value to the new one. A large number of redirects on the site will have a bad effect on the overall evaluation of the site by search engines, try not to change the URL of the pages if possible.

3. Internal links and ways to optimize them

In order not to ruin the process of optimizing the online store at the root, it is necessary to initially hide the pages of the pagination "1, 2, 3, etc. from the page indexing." This applies even to those pages that contain a canonical on the main page. For a Yandex robot, for example, this is a strict rule. Do not be lazy on all pages of the pagination, starting with the second, add a meta tag: <meta name = "yandex" content = "noindex, follow" />

Do not forget about the basic properties of search engines that index duplicate pages. Close the index page (pages containing the parameter "? Sort_by =") to prevent their elimination. The robot, as a rule, considers that the page with the open sort parameter in the URL is a separate page and, according to the given algorithm, will put into the index two pages with almost identical contents. In CS-Cart for such situations the parameter "? Items_per_page =" is used, which allows to show only a certain number of elements on the page. It is also recommended to close similar pages with the meta tag with the noindex, nofollow parameter, and also add the prohibition on indexing to the robots.txt file:

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. General structure of the site.

by Stan Bro

Commandments of SEO-promotion, suggesting how to promote your online store - a fundamental checklist of productive site optimization.

If you still decided to "read the instructions" to promote the site after you "have extra parts left", we are ready to prompt (or remind) the basic cs cart seo optimization tips that can not be overlooked. We created a convenient checklist for SEO optimization of the site, satisfying the requirements of top SEO companies and for clarity, divided it into categories. If you do not find all the answers to the question on how to promote the online store on CS-Cart, remember, the list of promotions is always open for discussion and will be updated as new technologies and principles of site optimization arise. Leave the suggestions in the comments and follow the updates to always stay one step ahead. Our seo module cs cart solves a lot of seo issues.

General structure of the site

First of all, divide the online store into categories, and never save on subcategories, if necessary. This principle solves a number of common problems, creating a branch of individual pages for more accurate occurrences of key phrases, thereby increasing overall coverage. For example, we have a category: "Computer Mouse and Keyboard". The division of this category into "Computer Mice" and "Computer Keyboards" with the permission to index pages by the results of filtering will increase the number of views at least 1.5 times on both branches.

Optimization of the store directly depends on increasing the number of landing pages: The more we offer options, the higher the demand - on the principle of expanding the range of goods in the store. Users are able to find products of a particular manufacturer, or products with certain characteristics (for example, "wireless computer mice", "with backlighting", "USB 3.0", etc.). It will not be superfluous to allow indexing robots pages with more accurate indices, then you get the percentage of users who are looking for, for example, "computer mice up to 500 rubles."

Believe me, you do not overdo with the number of options offered, you can include anything you want there: Color, shape, product characteristics, distinctive features and bloat. It is important to remember that in spite of the fact that a large number of pages for exact inquiries have a positive effect on the indexing of the site, the same number of pages without a semantic load can negatively affect the optimization results - pay special attention to content that directly affects attendance.

To avoid dividing by categories into an infinite number and not falling into a singularity, hide from indexing the page with the results of filtering on three or more filters. This principle will streamline the search results and offer the user much more results, with additional options.

Another important tip for promoting the site, in which there are pages with similar or completely identical content: All you need to do is specify the canonical link in the html-page section that defines the main page as the main page for this page group. In this case, the main page should also have a link canonical, which points to the page itself:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />