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SEO CS-Cart. Main pages. Images. Microdata

by Stan Bro

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of CEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning. Our cs cart seo optimization service can solve such issues.

14. Microdata "for noobs"

It is necessary to make microdata of bread crumbs according to the scheme

It is necessary to include microdata of contact data of the organization according to the scheme, as well as microdata of the logo according to the same scheme.

Microdata profiles in social networks should be done strictly according to the scheme

Microdevice reviews and ratings should have the form according to the scheme

In addition, we give a link to the implementation of the Open Graph protocol

15. Social networks

A peculiar cherry on the cake were, there are and will be buttons of social networks for likes and reposts. Of all the tips for promoting and optimizing sites and online stores - this is the most banal, but at the same time one of the most working ways to increase views of your content.

At last, it remains only to introduce buttons of subscriptions to groups / pages of social networks.

Here you can see ready-made solutions made by professionals -

All the best and success to you in all your endeavors.

Our seo module cs cart has all features from all SEO articles so you can save much time for optimization with it.

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. Robots. Links. Mobile

by Stan Bro

8. The robots.txt file

User-agent: *

Disallow: / app

Disallow: /store_closed.html

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *



9. Outbound or outbound links and HTTP headers

It is necessary to limit the use of external links as much as possible, explanations are superfluous.

If the external reference is important in meaning, then you need to add the rel = "nofollow" attribute to it and enclose it in tags:

    <!-- - noindex ---><a href="" rel="nofollow"> CS-Cart Russia </a><!-- - / noindex --->

First of all, each page is accessible for indexing, correctly gave the title Last-Modified, which indicates the last date of the page change. You can check the headers at will in one of these services.

Last-Modified: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 02:28:12 GMT

On a request with the If-Modified-Since header, the server must give the code 200. If the Date is Last-Modified is older than If-Modified-Since, the server should return a response code of 304.

The Cache-Control header should give max-age = 86400, must-revalidate for all pages. The must-revalidate function obliges the browser to check the freshness of the content by querying the server.

All pages of the site for effective cs cart seo optimization should give the value of the header Expires, as the present time + 24 hours.

10. Error pages and site load speed

404 page must contain the site search form. Enable the ability to track how the user has reached the 404 page. In the future, this is useful for adding a page with the right content.

If the server returns 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 507 and 510 errors, the client should see the separately created page where there are two links: "Back to Home" and "Refresh Page". At the moment when returning error data CS-Cart gives the store_closed.html page, i.e. you need to edit it.

Periodically test the site in Google Pagespeed Insights. The minimum necessary value for mobile devices and desktop is 80. Do not miss the opportunity to bring the site to the green zone.

11. Mobile-Friendly

The professional gets to know the little things, so make sure that the result of the Mobile-Friendly Test is not less than "Great! The page is optimized for mobile devices."

12. The main SEO data of the page (H1, Title, Meta-tags)

Each page without exception must have unique content in the meta tags title, description, keywords and contain the text (title) enclosed in the tags h1.

It is necessary to configure the generation of SEO data for a specific (uniform for all) template to exclude pages with unfilled meta-data.

You can try using several headers h2-h6 on one page of the site and only one header h1. The h1 header on each page must be unique within the entire site.

Within the header h1 there should not be nested tags.

13. Optimization of images on the site

The names of images should match their content or page content - be extremely careful when filling out the content, do not make people laugh.

The image name can not contain spaces, punctuation marks, underscores. All these symbols should be replaced by a hyphen.

Each image must have alt and title attributes, which reflects its meaning.

Our seo module cs cart can solve all these issues.

SEO CS-Cart. Fundamentals of promotion. Texts. Maps. Multilanguage. 301.

by Stan Bro

4. CS-Cart SEO texts

For all pages on your site, you should be able to add text at the beginning and end of the page. Care must be taken to ensure that the texts do not repeat on the pages. This can happen when working with filters by category, when the same text is displayed on the category itself and on the page of this category with filters applied. This common error reduces the optimization of the online store to a threshold value due to the laziness or inattention of the developers themselves. Do not step on these popular rakes and, if possible, make sure that the text at the top of the page is located immediately after the title and exactly above the sorting block.

Note that the bottom selling SEO text should be located immediately after the pagination.

5. Sitemaps

Site maps (XML and HTML) should not contain links to pages that are not indexed. The service pages must be removed mercilessly from the site map, as well as in air navigation, to drop the unnecessary ballast in order to take off.

Site maps should contain links to all pages that require indexing, especially to pages with filter results. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the situation of a deceased warrior with a full ammunition in your bag.

You need to place a detailed XML-map of images. All the requirements for the card are described on this page: https: // ... - always read.

If there are video materials on the site, you need to create an XML video map in a similar way for quick and easy navigation by the user. Requirements are here: https: // ... - read carefully.

The robots.txt file must contain links to all XML site maps as follows:


6. Multilanguage

The more options, the higher the demand. The presence on the site switching between languages - a function that can tens of times increase the coverage and attendance of your online store. On sites that use multiple languages, you need to make sure that pages in different languages use different URLs.

The standard SEO module in CS-Cart allows you to optimize the online store by adding URLs to the value of the language through the slash (""). Our seo module cs cart has much more features than default one. This needs to be done in such a way that different language versions of the site are found on different domains. As a result, there will be only one administration panel and one engine, but two domains: The search engine will perceive them as two different resources. In CS-Cart, this is quite simple, however, you need to change the root files, but that's another story.

7. The four basic principles of setting up 301 redirects.

  • All pages without a slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with a slash on the end.
  • All pages with more than one slash on the end should redirect to the corresponding page with one slash on the end.
  • You need to do 301 redirects from to or vice versa.
  • If you use SSL on the site, it is important to make sure that the entire site is accessible through HTTPS, and on request via HTTP there was a redirect to HTTPS

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. URL and internal links

by Stan Bro

2. Structure and correct URL format

When creating a page that will sell your product, take the time to create a simple and understandable URL. If this is problematic, for various reasons, in technical and technical ones, it is better to completely hide the page from indexing, without complicating your work by asking how to pick up a short URL.

All pages with the results of filtering by groups and categories, available for indexing, must necessarily have URLs understandable to ordinary users. Do not make people solve puzzles, and do cryptography, they will not appreciate it. Simpler means better.

Our cs cart seo module contains such filters feature. For Russian-language pages it is better to use transliteration, since it is more familiar to a modern user, or analogue of a Russian word, correctly translated into English, which requires special knowledge and a lot of time. Everything depends on what is more problematic: Transliteration is often simply unreadable, or similar to other Russian words; Direct translation into English, as a rule, is a direct reference to other brands and services in the English-language network. In order to choose a way to create a concise URL and save a single style throughout the site, there are a lot of services that are easy to find on Google. In order to learn how to make cs cart seo optimization of the site, squeezing the maximum power out of it - we read further.

Three "golden tips" for creating URLs: - The URL should not contain two dashes in a row at the beginning and end of the line.

- The URL should not contain any characters, except letters of the Latin alphabet and the "-" sign.

- The URL must contain only lowercase letters, only lower case, no uppercase register, OdymAge.

REMEMBER by changing the URL, you have to make 301 redirects from the old value to the new one. A large number of redirects on the site will have a bad effect on the overall evaluation of the site by search engines, try not to change the URL of the pages if possible.

3. Internal links and ways to optimize them

In order not to ruin the process of optimizing the online store at the root, it is necessary to initially hide the pages of the pagination "1, 2, 3, etc. from the page indexing." This applies even to those pages that contain a canonical on the main page. For a Yandex robot, for example, this is a strict rule. Do not be lazy on all pages of the pagination, starting with the second, add a meta tag: <meta name = "yandex" content = "noindex, follow" />

Do not forget about the basic properties of search engines that index duplicate pages. Close the index page (pages containing the parameter "? Sort_by =") to prevent their elimination. The robot, as a rule, considers that the page with the open sort parameter in the URL is a separate page and, according to the given algorithm, will put into the index two pages with almost identical contents. In CS-Cart for such situations the parameter "? Items_per_page =" is used, which allows to show only a certain number of elements on the page. It is also recommended to close similar pages with the meta tag with the noindex, nofollow parameter, and also add the prohibition on indexing to the robots.txt file:

Disallow: / *? Sort_by = *

Disallow: / *? Items_per_page = *

SEO CS-Cart. Basics of online store promotion. General structure of the site.

by Stan Bro

Commandments of SEO-promotion, suggesting how to promote your online store - a fundamental checklist of productive site optimization.

If you still decided to "read the instructions" to promote the site after you "have extra parts left", we are ready to prompt (or remind) the basic cs cart seo optimization tips that can not be overlooked. We created a convenient checklist for SEO optimization of the site, satisfying the requirements of top SEO companies and for clarity, divided it into categories. If you do not find all the answers to the question on how to promote the online store on CS-Cart, remember, the list of promotions is always open for discussion and will be updated as new technologies and principles of site optimization arise. Leave the suggestions in the comments and follow the updates to always stay one step ahead. Our seo module cs cart solves a lot of seo issues.

General structure of the site

First of all, divide the online store into categories, and never save on subcategories, if necessary. This principle solves a number of common problems, creating a branch of individual pages for more accurate occurrences of key phrases, thereby increasing overall coverage. For example, we have a category: "Computer Mouse and Keyboard". The division of this category into "Computer Mice" and "Computer Keyboards" with the permission to index pages by the results of filtering will increase the number of views at least 1.5 times on both branches.

Optimization of the store directly depends on increasing the number of landing pages: The more we offer options, the higher the demand - on the principle of expanding the range of goods in the store. Users are able to find products of a particular manufacturer, or products with certain characteristics (for example, "wireless computer mice", "with backlighting", "USB 3.0", etc.). It will not be superfluous to allow indexing robots pages with more accurate indices, then you get the percentage of users who are looking for, for example, "computer mice up to 500 rubles."

Believe me, you do not overdo with the number of options offered, you can include anything you want there: Color, shape, product characteristics, distinctive features and bloat. It is important to remember that in spite of the fact that a large number of pages for exact inquiries have a positive effect on the indexing of the site, the same number of pages without a semantic load can negatively affect the optimization results - pay special attention to content that directly affects attendance.

To avoid dividing by categories into an infinite number and not falling into a singularity, hide from indexing the page with the results of filtering on three or more filters. This principle will streamline the search results and offer the user much more results, with additional options.

Another important tip for promoting the site, in which there are pages with similar or completely identical content: All you need to do is specify the canonical link in the html-page section that defines the main page as the main page for this page group. In this case, the main page should also have a link canonical, which points to the page itself:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Stages of creation and development

by Stan Bro

You made the final decision to do internet commerce and open your store. When you think about your actions, you get acquainted with other online stores and choose those products that will be implemented with the help of your online business.

CS-Cart store - a key part of Internet commerce.

When a product segment is chosen, it is worth considering how you will sell it, how you will establish and maintain contacts with your customers, suppliers and partners. The conclusion is obvious - this is the site of your online store. (Descriptions, photos), payment methods and delivery, your contact numbers, reviews, etc. To create a multifunctional site, the optimal form is a platform with a map, through which you can create an intuitive and stylish interface. If you are not an expert in IT, it is better to contact the cs cart developer or buy a cs cart template.

When the site is created, you should think about its quality content, which will contribute to SEO optimization. The marketing strategy of your store should include a set of measures to promote your site and increase the ranking in the search engines. Particular attention should be paid to navigation, which will also optimize the search. With a well-thought-out and properly built strategy, cs cart seo optimization in a few months can take a high position in the search engines and the importance of raising the sales rating.

One of the qualitative indicators of your site is a variety of cs cart modules that facilitate a convenient, high-quality and fast search of the necessary information on your site. It is clear modules that help create a conversion and will increase the profit of the store.

Algorithm for Internet sales

Finding a supplier is the key to your business. The essence of online sales boils down to the following algorithm:

  • you buy goods at a wholesale price;
  • the sale of goods is carried out at a retail price;
  • to the retail price is added your mark-up.

With long-term cooperation with one, and also in the future can make your significant discounts, which will also help increase profits.

Organizational structure of the online store

The organization of the work of your business enterprise implies the existence of staffs, which, especially with a successful business vision, will be your immediate assistants. The essence of their activities will be:

  • to establish contacts and work with suppliers and customers (e-mail newsletters, correspondence, telephone and social networking);
  • maintenance of accounting and other documentation;
  • creation and updating of information (content, photos) on the website of the online store;
  • popularization of the store in social networks;
  • delivery, storage and dispatch of goods.

Despite the global crisis, e-commerce is gaining momentum every year, and with the proper conduct of business. The main thing in e-business is a thorough study of the commodity market, constant development and the desire to achieve results.

Ecommerce stores: your business from scratch

by Stan Bro

Ecommerce stores: your business from scratch

Every year, electronic commerce is gaining momentum. It becomes especially attractive with the development of new information technologies and the ever increasing spread of the World Wide Web. Internet trading has a lot of supporters, both among sellers and among buyers. And this is quite understandable: for sellers - this is the lack of space for a stationary store and the staff of staff, for buyers - it's the ability to choose and make purchases without leaving home. All this makes online stores incredibly popular and economically profitable for both entrepreneurs and buyers.

More recently, the opening of an online store and the purchase of necessary goods in it caused a lot of fears and questions. Today, with the development of computer technology, e-commerce, Internet banking and other factors, many issues are removed from the agenda and online shops are moving to a new level of work and customer service.

Internet shop: where to start? For example, contact us and save alot of time.

Commercial activity is always associated with a certain risk and e-commerce is not an exception. How to reduce all possible risks to a minimum and create a profitable Internet venture?

  • Correct choice of the niche and analysis of the competitive base are the main components of Internet marketing. After analyzing the market, you will be able to make the right decision about the sales of certain goods and services.
  • Opening your own online store is associated with certain financial expenses, a preliminary miscalculation of which will save you from negative moments in the conduct of accounting and legal documents. Your financial costs will be inversely proportional to the demand for the products offered, the saturation of the market with similar products, your online activities to attract and retain your customer base. Here on the first places go online advertising and the availability of your own cs-cart site of your store, through which all the work of your enterprise will be carried out.
  • Simplified taxation is an undoubted plus of e-business. All legal issues are reduced to the registration of an individual entrepreneur and the possibility of independent accounting.
  • The site of your online store is one of the main components of its success. Therefore, its development must be treated with all seriousness and responsibility, because the site is the face of the online store and its functional capabilities and aesthetic appeal will largely depend on its stable operation, and hence your profit.
  • The supplier of goods is a key link for your online business. It can be found by carefully analyzing the activities of competing firms and determine for themselves suitable for quality and cost of goods. Preliminary it is worth asking how the goods will be sold (wholesale or retail), as well as discounts and promotions.
  • The organizational structure of your e-business enterprise at first can consist of one person: you will be a director, an accountant, and a content manager in one person. Your working place will be a desk in your own apartment. As your business develops successfully, you will be able to redistribute the work between hired employees and rent a separate room.

Online stores are a modern, intensively developing business, with the proper organization of which you will get not only financial profit, but also moral satisfaction from the opportunity to turn your dream into reality!