CS-Cart Module: Phone Authorization

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Phone authorization is a modern way for customers to log in. It has the following advantages:

  • Increase conversion. A lot of customers don't use e-mail and prefer to use website withour registration. Auth by SMS solves this problem significantly simplifying registration process.
  • Phone confirmation protects you from fakes and spammers.

Addon adapted for Unitheme and mobile devices.

New modern login form design

It will make your store stand out from others. You can add a logo to the authorization form and set its size.

Choosing available authorization methods

Such as

  • Auth by SMS code. After entering the code, an account is automatically created for the new user
  • Two-factor authentication. After entering the password, the customer needs to enter the code from SMS
  • Authorization by phone + password
  • Standard Email Authorization

Fast verification and authorization

The form is automatically submitted when you enter a valid phone number or the required number of digits of the authorization code, which simplifies and speeds up the sign-in process. It is also possible to turn on

  • Enable/disable email field for registration. Also make it mandatory or not
  • Verification of the phone by SMS during registration
  • Phone verification at checkout
  • Hide the link to the registration page so that the user can immediately log in using the SMS code
  • Set the number of digits in the verification code
  • Set the minimum interval between SMS for the user
  • Set the number of attempts to enter the verification code, after which you need to generate a new one
  • Password recovery via SMS

Country prefix dial codes with flags

Allows you to restrict phone input for countries not supported by the store, and you can also

  • Enable to set country prefix based on customer location
  • Set available list of country prefixes. Also the ability to specify a list of countries that are at the top of the list

The most popular SMS services are integrated

  • MTS
  • SMS.ru
  • TurboSMS
  • TargetSMS
  • OsonSMS
  • SMSXabar
  • Imobis
  • SMS Center Kazakhstan

This addon requires our free SMS Services addon be installed and set up.


SMS on test storefront appears in notification

First you need to install the SMS Services module that comes with the package. It can also be downloaded here.

We go to the page of the list of modules and open the settings of the module [CS-Coding]: SMS Services.

1) Set necessary mode. In the test mode, SMS will not be sent, instead, a notification will be displayed on the site. Open the tab of the necessary SMS service and enter the settings received in the personal account of the corresponding service.

2) After that, you can configure the module [CS-Coding]: Phone Authorization. The settings are intuitive and will not cause difficulties even for a novice user.