CS-Cart Module: Google Drive Backup

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CS-Cart Addon Google Drive Backup allows you to make database backups to your Google Drive automatically.


  • Ability to set amount of keeping backups. Old backups will be auto deleted
  • Ability to set folder at Google Drive for backups
  • Ability to make backups using cron
  • Admin notifications if backup fails

To test open addons page, than Google Drive Backup settings here http://demo4.cs-coding.com/admin.php

Run this URL in browser address line

After the done label open Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hXcRcu-ZeCvN5gRi07SHzFtOB9teXHgd?usp=sharing and check for the new backup.

By the first we need to enable API and get credentials

Open the google console console.cloud.google.com, APIS - Dashboard

Create project

Next need to enable the Google Drive API

Create credentials

Your domain here, any email

Next click Save and continue change nothing, then Back to dashboard, and on the next screen

Now go to credentials

You can find Redirect URI at the addon settings

After Google Drive are saved you can download JSON file with settings. Name it credentials.json

Move downloaded file to app/addons/csc_google_backup/lib folder on your store

Go to addon settings and update token. Give permissions to google. If you get an error just ignore it.

Now there should be a green label

Open the google drive folder that you will use for backups, copy folder ID and put it to addon settings

In addon settings you can find a command for cron to backup automatically, alsi this link (selected on screen) you can run manually in browser for one time run.