CS-Cart Module: WebP Converter

Please, specify domain name on which software will be installed. If you purchase a few licenses, specify all domain names by using comma.
​It includes installation, full backup and convertation of existing images. New images will be converted automatically.

This product is electronically distributed.

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This addon adds ability to use WebP images in CS-Cart. This format developed by Google Inc. in 2010. It uses the newest algorithms of compression, so:

  • Quality is not lost
  • Image size is much less
  • Increases page load speed
  • Increases Google Speed rating, because usage of WebP images - one of main requirements of this service


  • Convert all images to WebP by one click
  • Auto convert images to WebP on upload


JPG and PNG images will be converted to WebP on upload automatically.


All images on this store were converte to WebP. You can check image format in browser console.

Go to Settings - Thumbnails page and make sure that the Thumbnail format parameter is set to same as source.

If you use the GD imagine library you have to perform the following changes

$mime = mime_content_type($path);

$resource = $mime == 'image/webp' ? @imagecreatefromwebp($path) : @imagecreatefromstring($data);

in app/lib/vendor/imagine/imagine/lib/Imagine/Gd/Imagine.php file.

To convert all images to Webp go to Modules - Convert all images to WEBP page.

CAUTION!!! This action will create new WEBP images from old and DELETE all old images! Backup all store files and database before performing this action (better to make actual copy of the store with new database in the next folder, process first bulk convertation and if success rename folders to change live store to copy)! Also check write permissions for the images folder.