CS-Cart Module: Vendor Feedback

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This CS-Cart module significantly extends the default vendor feedback functionality for your marketplace. It allows you to collect average statistics and detaily rate each vendor.

Customer can put feedback for any order just once.


  • ability to put feedback for vendor just for the particular order statuses (you can set these statuses in module settings)
  • ability to review order for the following points: item description, communication, shipping. Order review working using fine-points scale (1-5 medals)
  • display of vendor'sshort statistics at the product page and on mouse over
  • ability to edit a feedback (can disable at module settings)
  • ability to put a respons to feedback
  • ability to put report for feedback
  • ability to put report for vendor response
  • all these actions are send to customer, vendor and admin by e-mail
  • display vendor statistics for 1, 6 and 12 months
  • display average arting and amount of feedbacks

Video instruction

Module Settings

It will be better if the customer can leave a feedback just when he got the order. So we recommend to set order statuses that matches arrived order.

Also you can forbid customers to edit a feedback.

So settings are complete and lets see a storefront.

Vendor feedback page

All product page contain percent of vendor's positive reviews

There you can follow to vendor page with detailed ratings

Here you can see amount of positive, neutral and negative reviews from last12 months, average rating for all criterias and feedbacks with product list and their rate.

Vendor can respond feedbacks (will describe below), customer can leave a report for inappropriate responsWhen the customer left areport, vendor and administrator receive e-mail notification

Leaving a feedback

By the first the customer should place an order and receive it (order status changed to one of selected in addon settings, in our case - "Complete").

When order status is changed to "Complete", the customer will receivean e-mail notification with request for feedback.

New button at the order details page will appear

Feedback has been placed

Vendor got an e-mail notification

Vendor admin page

Menu Website - Vendor Feedback

The same as at storefront, just with ability to put a respond or report for review.

When vendor put a respond, customer get an e-mail notification about it.

When vendor put e report, customer and administrator get e-mail notification.

Admin page

You can see all reviews at the Website - Vendor Feedback page

Here you can see, edit and remove feedbacks

Feedback reports page

Here admin can see and delete reports from customers and vendors.