CS-Cart Module: Super Checkout

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The Super Checkout module is developed to make your customers to see all checkout at time. They will finish this process much faster without going back-forward and waiting for steps to be loaded.


  • Automatic data saving during address entry
  • Ability to show cart at the checkout page
  • Ability to show the checkout in 1 or 2 rows
  • Show preview order for user with ability to change previous steps
  • Support all CS-Cart payment methods
  • Support all CS-Cart shipping methods
  • Responsive(CS-Cart v4.x.x) and Basic themes
  • Free custom/third party theme integration
  • Enable/Disable Agree to Terms and Conditions before checkout
  • Support CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition
  • Support multiple languages

Set up of this module is very easy.

It includes 5 settings:

  • Allow anonymous authorization and registration - enables customer to checkout as guest
  • Disable authorization and registration at the checkout - checkout just as a guest
  • Show cart products at checkout - comfortable appearance of the cart at the checkout
  • Show checkout in two rows - display the checkout not in one row as the default, but in two
  • Preview order before submit - the default "Submit Order" button will be replaced with the "Preview my order" button, that will show the final page with order details. Also there will be an ability to change some steps info

Also to disable autoscroll for wrong filled fields it is desirable to make some minor changes to \js\tygh\core.js file




if ($(form).attr('name') != 'step_two_billing_address') $.scrollToElm(elm);