CS-Cart Module: Social Networks Autopost

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UPD: 24.11.2020 Fixed Facebook

CS-Cart Module "Social Networks Autopost" allows you to push product news to several social networks automatically. You will not spend a lot of time to prepare post for each product for each network. You can push product to all social networks by one click or make a schedule of product posts and chill out. It will significantly save your time and money for SMM advertisement.


  • Ability to push product to all networks by one click
  • Ability to create automated posting schedule using cron
  • Ability to change posting settings in schedule
  • Ability to mix the schedule
  • Ability to make autoupload for all products and and particular categories
  • Ability to setup several accounts for each network
  • Dividing for accounts between vendors and companies
  • Ability to use placeholders for messages

The module allows you to push posts to the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • VKontakte
  • Twitter
  • OK.ru
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • Tumblr
  • We can integrate any other network for free

Social networks settings

To set up the networks you have to go to the Website - Social Networks Settings page

Then press Add New account button, select the necessary network and follow instructions. Also there you can find a links to pages with social network setup description.

More detailed in video instruction.

You can add several accounts for each network.

Each network should be configured before use. You can find instructions for each network at the right top corner of that page

You also can setup the message template for any network

You can use the following placeholders:

  • %TITLE% - product name
  • %TEXT% - message (including hashtags)
  • %URL% - product URL
  • %PRICE% - price
  • %LIST_PRICE% - list price
  • %SHORT_DESCRIPTION% - short description
  • %FULL_DESCRIPTION% - full description
  • %COMPANY_NAME% - company name


This module supports several template levels. The first is in the module settings

These hashtags and text will be added to all posts

The second is in the Products - Social Templates menu

Here you can create templates that you will select when pushing a post

Now lets go to the product edit page, Modules tab

The same functionality is available for blog pages

Here we have to check a checkbox, select networks, select social template that we created before and enter the additional text and hashtags if need. Additional text fills automatically by the product description value and savethe product.

After saving we get messages about success or errors.

And the product appears in networks




Google Plus

Configuring schedule

Go to the Website - Social autopost queue page

And create a new one

After queue is created you can set the products

And edit the created queue

You should create a task for cron to run it periodically. You can find cron command for it in module settings