CS-Cart Module: SMS Services


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This addon provides an API for sending SMS.

The following services are integrated:

  • MTS
  • SMS.ru
  • TurboSMS
  • TargetSMS
  • OsonSMS
  • SMSXabar
  • Imobis
  • SMS Center Kazakhstan

Developers guide

You can obtain available SMS services from schema

fn_get_schema('csc_sms_services', 'schema');

Example of library usage

$service = 'sms_ru'; //will use SmsRu class
$addon_sms_services = Registry::get('addons.csc_sms_services'); //obtain addon settings
$sms_service = new CscSmsService($service, $addon_sms_services); //create object
$res = $sms_service->sendSms($phone, $text); //send SMS.

To add your own service create class named in CamelCase in app/addons/csc_sms_services/Tygh/Addons/CscSmsServices/Services/ folder

Class should implement SmsServiceInterface interface

Also add your class name to schema app/addons/csc_sms_services/schemas/csc_sms_services/schema.php