CS-Cart Module: Quick Search

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The add-on will allow for the relevant search by the store. Implemented highly optimized search algorithm that allows you to display results after typing each letter, which in turn helps the buyer to quickly find the desired product and not to make typos when typing!

The add-on has its own cache, the generation of which occurs in several threads. Multithreading when generating the cache will reduce the cache time to 10 times, and then the results include only the current offers!

For the cache we use the data separation for display cases(for CS-Cart Ultimate), as well as the division of languages - this ensures the minimal sets of data among which the search will be performed!


  • implement speed search products.
  • ability to check and fix grammar mistakes
  • sorts the search results for relevancy.
  • search by category - displays the full path of the category.
  • has pagination.
  • fast generation of the cache.
  • flexible appearance settings

When you purchase the add-on, you have 10 days to check the speed and functionality of it, and if you don't like it we will refund your money.

1) Modules -> Search Cache page and start cache creation.

2) At Page Design -> Layouts you can create a new "Quick Search" block and replace the dafault with it. It allows you to add particular products for search result.

3) The same setting is available for the category settings in "Quick Search" tab.

Результат: при клике на поле поиска будут отображаться выбранные товары, а при вводе текста - будет осуществляться поиск товаров и категорий.

As result: when you click on the search field you will see selected added in points 2,3 products, and you enter text, it will search products by input.