CS-Cart Module: esPutnik Integration

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This CS-Cart Addon integrates the system with eSputnik mailing service.


  • Auto subscribe \ unsubscribe in eSputnik on appropriate user actions
  • Subscribe \ unsubscribe in eSputnik on actions in admin panel.
  • Bulk export subscribers to eSputnik
  • Assign eSputnik contact group to CS-Cart user group
  • Ability to set the default eSputnik contact group for users without user group with matched eSputnik group.
  • Auto orders export to eSputnik



Login: demo.cs-coding@yandex.ru

Password: Democscoding1

1) Fill module settings: login, pass of eSputnik and the default eSputnik contact group.

2) Now you have to set up matching of usergroup to eSputnik contact group. Go to Customers - User groups, choose usergroup and fill the Esputnik group name field.

If user that subscribes have no usergroup with filled Esputnik group name field he will use the default eSputnik contact group name.

3) User will be added \ deleted to eSputnik on add \ delete in admin panel.

Also he will automatically add to eSputnik from this form.

4) To perform bulk export go to the Marketing - Newsletters - Export to Esputnik. There will be no duplicates on export.