CS-Cart Module: Credit programms

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CS-Cart " Credit Programs " module allows you to create and attach to the payment systems different types of installments and loans, which will be calculated on the product page and checkout.

Admin can set the following values for loan programs:

  • Min. credit amount
  • Max. creditloan amount
  • One-time commission (fixed)
  • One-time commission (%)
  • Monthly commission (fixed)
  • Monthly commission (%)
  • From what month to start counting the commission
  • Include first payment

And also can choose months (any from 1 to 36) for payment (for example, 1,2,3,4,5 or 1,3,6,16, etc.).

The user will choose a payment system, then a loan program and term. As a result, he will receive the following data:

  • Amount of the first payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Total amount
  • Overpayment

Also, the user will see the lowest monthly rate on the product page, and on the checkout page he will be able to upload documents for verification.

As a result, all the selected data will fall into the order details in the admin panel.

* The module is not integrated with any payment systems to calculate amounts in real time. All calculations are made based on the settings of the credit programs.

To create credit programs, go to the menu Website - Credit programs.

Create a new program filling all the fields

And we go to the Administration - Payment Methods page.

There we open a payment system to which you need to attach a credit program, select the necessary credit programs and save (!!! a credit program can be attached to only one payment system).

Now this credit is available for miscalculations. We go to the product page, and there will be a button "Buy in credit" with the lowest price from all credit programs.

By clicking on it, a window opens with a choice of the quantity of goods and also the credit program. When choosing a loan program, it will be saved in the session and you will not have to choose. From here, you can add goods to the basket with an immediate transition to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, the user, in addition to this form, will also be able to add the necessary documents to consider the application.

After placing the order, all these data and documents will be displayed in the order details in the admin panel