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Inline Checkout is an iframe checkout option which displays a secure payment form as an overlay on your checkout page. It is designed to function when the buyer's billing/shipping address has been collected and the cart total has been finalized. This makes it ideal for use with shopping cart applications or your own custom checkout process.

Note: This feature is available to all 2Checkout merchants by default - there are no additional fees to use Inline Checkout.


Test card number: 4000000000000002

CVV code: 123

Date Expired: any valid

1) Go to the Addons section

2) And install the 2Checkout Inline addon

3) Go to the payment methods

4) Create new payment method with "2Checkout Inline" processor and fill the 2Checkout config.

5) Enjoy :)

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Lifetime guarantee for bug fixing

Easy installation using our documentation

Module is translatedto Russian and English

Open source. You can modify it.

No core changes. No issues during the upgrade.

Code is optimized for the best perfomance

Module is responsive for mobile devices.

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